Clear Braces

Clear Six Month Braces (Powerprox)

Cosmetic Braces are here at Towson View Dental Care!  If you are looking less costly alternative to invisalign, clear six month braces are definitely it.   They are much faster and more affordable. They are similar in comfort as well. 


There are many reasons to consider braces.  Probably the most important is the self confidence that you feel from a stunning smile!!!   

                                          "Smile so the world smiles back at you!"


         "AAAAAH!!!  I love my new smile!!! My teeth look so great!   I'm so happy!  

                                                                          Kara J., Rosedale, MD


I firmly believe that teeth in proper alignment are healthier and last longer than misaligned teeth.   The reasons are numerous.  Well aligned teeth have proper flossing contacts that can be easily cleaned with flossing and brushing to remove harmful decay causing plaque.  Prober alignment reduces gum inflammation associated with gingivitis and periodontal disease.  Braces can also position teeth ideally for other dentistry like porcelain dental veneers, teeth whitening, or crowns and bonding.  Furthermore, there is also the function of chewing and incising food (like lettuce and sandwiches) when the top teeth and bottom teeth are positioned correctly.

At Towson View Dental Care, we now perform many cosmetic related orthodontic cases with clear braces to serve our patients!   This has been wonderful for our patients!  These cases are completed to improve your smile with a method called short term orthodontics.  What this means is that if you are happy with your bite (occlusion) and ability to chew, don't have any symptoms of TMJ, we can focus our positioning the front teeth into an ideal cosmetic form where your smile is made ideal and beautiful! 


  Before:                                                                   During:  (You can hardl see the braces!)                                                                           


Finito!  This is how he looks all finished with a little take home whitening.  We also did a small enamel chip repair on his front tooth. 

               "I can't thank Dr. Steve enough!  My teeth look amazing... I'm going to have to shew all the ladies away with a broomstick!!!  Hahaha. "    Jim, S.  Timonium, MD.


So how does this work? The way that this works is that if you are a candidate for this method, models and comprehensive examination with photographs are done or your smile, face and teeth.   We then adhere the clear brackets (which are hardly noticeable) on to the fronts of the teeth at exactly the proper position.   We then use nichel titanium arch wires to apply delicate force to the teeth to move them into the right position.  The flossing surfaces of the front teeth are sometimes reduced so that teeth can move quicker without friction, and also many cases are for crowding when the teeth are too wide for the dental arch.   The average case takes around six months and has around six visits.   The clear braces look like below:


  Clear Braces in Towson dental office      clear braces  


General dentists who have done additional training in orthodontics are very qualified to handle these types of cases.  We spend hours a day studying smile alignment and understanding proper tooth position, shape, and color.  We have worked on dentures, veneers, bonding, and smile design and understand the relationship of the teeth to your lips, to your smile and where they should fit in your individualized facial esthetics.  General dentists are also uniquely qualified in that we can add extremely cosmetic bonding to teeth to bring about a beautiful result in conjunction

Should the need arise that you would be best treated with comprehensive orthodontics, we will discuss getting treated by a very well qualified orthodontist.    We frequently refer to Dr. Harrison Joe, Orthodontics Defined, located here in Towson, and also Jacksonville.   There are many great orthodontists in Lutherville, Parkville, White Marsh and in the entire Baltimore Metro area that are also excellent.  Most of the orthodontists are excellent and we will gladly help you find one should the need arise.  If you are a child, adolescent or a teenager it is best that you be treated by an orthodontist.


Our Fee for Six Month Braces is $2,950.00 in total.  This includes needed radiographs, models, and treats both the upper teeth and lower teeth.  We feel this is very affordable for orthodontic treatment.  We also include clear retainers and teeth whitening!  Please watch the video at the bottom of this page! This includes whiteinging as well and retainers.


How about Invisalign

For good reason, Invisalign has all of the buzz among those seeking an alternative to metal braces. Invisalign is a great buut there are some additional costs as it is a laboratory and computer program driven treatment.  It is an excellent service but may take longer than orthodontics or other aligner systems.  To me the benefit is that it is VERY clear and cosmetic.  The other benefit is that your teeth are somewhat smooth and easy to clean.  It is a great option for many cases.  

I am pleased to offer patients the smile of their dreams!

Please contact us for a complimentary consultation.    Please view the video below to help introduce you to the new technique.

Discover the Power of a Beautiful Smile 


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