These will be available at Towson View Dental Care in 2013.

Over the last decade, Invisalign Technologies has emerged as the most prominent aligner system for repositioning teeth.   It is a marvelous product.   In short, computer imaging and programming, has enabled your scanned teeth models to be moved gently with clear removable aligners.   There are usually 6-12 aligners, sequentially fabricated to continue the tooth movement.

It's just great! It is a  beautiful way to reposition teeth correctly in an esthetic manner.  Nothing beats white teeth in their right cosmetic position.  For the clear choice of moving teeth click  

Some dentists will talk about veneers and would rather give you an 'instant' result.   It is ALWAYS better to move teeth to their correct position than to put veneers on teeth.   You should always choose treatment that removes the least amount of tooth structure. 

In addition to Invisalign, we offer alternatives that are less costly.   These include very short term  orthodontics called  Powerprox Six Month Braces.  And also  and the Inman Aligner system found here


Please give us a call to talk about your best option!