Fixing Gaps Between Front Teeth

Gaps between front teeth can be fixed in a very easy manner with additive dental composite resins.   This is a great alternative to braces, crowns, and traditional dental veneers.   Dental bonding fixes gaps, or spaces, that are in between front teeth to make teeth look younger, and more beautiful.   This is the same method for fixing what we call "dark triangles" or "black triangles" at the gum line. 

The method that I use to fix these gaps is to use composite resin, and not drilling the teeth.   When you get veneers or crowns, tooth structure is lost due to having to drill the tooth down.   

If you have gaps between your teeth, please call us for a consultation.   We will mock-up the appearance of your teeth so you can preview the obtainable results. 

Fixing gaps and black triangles between teeth is LARGELY skill dependent on the dentist's level of ability. Porcelain veneers are largely dependent on having a great laboratory technician who makes them look great and usually requires more tooth removal. 

I have now hundreds of cases completed of this dental bonding for gaps, and it looks amazing year after year.   It does not harm natural enamel and again, requires no removal of tooth structure. 

Before:                                                                After: 

fixing gap in front teeth  fixing gap in front teeth

 Paul's case: This gentleman found our office and wanted an alternative treatment to getting crowns on his top teeth.   He had been told that the teeth could not be changed without crowns, and the large expenses ($10,000).   We did a mockup (trial) on what it would look like to close his gaps and dark triangles.   He was thrilled.   We spent a total of three hours doing this case.  No anesthesia was used. No tooth structure was removed.  The total cost was around $2000.  These results are typical because of the dentists skill level and hundreds of hours practicing these exact cases. .  This patient's smile looks 20 years younger.  This patient now hears, "You have a great smile", and has never heard that before.  

Before:                                                                   After:      





We can also PARTIALLY CLOSE a front tooth gap again with Dental Bonding.   Below is an example of just that.    

This is a case to show how dental bonding can partially close a gap or a space between front teeth.       This is how the front teeth look after we did dental bonding to partially close a space or a gap between the front teeth

"Oh my goodness.  This dental bonding makes me so happy and it looks so much better, but still me!"  Latasha S. from White Marsh, MD