Kor Deep Bleaching

Kor Deep Bleaching - The Best. 

This is simply the best professional strength whitening product available   It really is the best and is the most awarded dental whitening system by dentists.    This is the only one that GUARANTEEs to whiten teeth to a beautiful bright smile.   This teeth whitening protocol has the LOWEST sensitivity, practically none.    

This system is completely safe to use on teeth and gums.   You only need to be 14 years old to start whitening your teeth with this system.  

This system was developed by world famous dentist Rod Kurthy after other whitening systems did not meet his level of effectiveness.   

This system worked by allowing the teeth to absorb oxygen.    The absorption of oxygen by the tooth transforms the oxygen into more active oxygen byproducts.   The result is that the oxygen breaks down stains to tiny parts thus allowing the stains to leave the dental enamel.   In essence, it cleans into the enamel where the stains are, and lifts them all away.  

This is the only system the works great for dark grey teeth, and teeth with tetracyclin stain.   Furthermore, with this system there is no need to relinquish red wine, pasta, grape juice and other beverages and foods during the whitening process.

The Kor Whitening System is the only system that has had it's product modified to be almost sensitivity free.   I've had sensitivity with bleaching, and most patients have as well.   This system really has eliminated it.