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Dental Veneers and Dental Bonding


Updated 10-23-2016.

Dental veneers are a wonderful treatment for patients.  In the past, porcelain veneers were the main type of dental veneer because that material was more cosmetic than today's dental composites.  Today, that is no longer the case.   Dental composites today are specifically developed to look like natural enamel. 

This is a video of many that shows many of the cases on this page.   This shows the results candidly in similar angles before treatment, and right after.


This case was done to uplift this smile. These are dental veneers with an amazing composite resin called Renamel, from a company called Cosmedent that specializes in making the most realistic and beautiful restorative materials.

The left side are before pictures, the right are afters.  All images are my own and not altered in any way other than cropping. 

Before:                                                         After:  



   Dr. K. is amazing.  I love how beatiful and natural my teeth now look!       Liz E., Towson.  


Dental Veneers or Dental Bonding bring Beauty to the lower face.

When teeth are light in color, and uniform in shape, they immediately make the entire face more attractive.   They are the direct center of the lower face.  The lips and musculature around the lips and cheeks act as a picture frame for them.  The eyes are the center of the upper face.   When the teeth are beautiful it makes the lower face stunning and allows the eyes to actually become the show in facial esthetics.  The teeth, if light in color and uniform in shape, act as a almost a white canvas for the rest of the face to shine.   But this beauty picture below doesn't have nearly the same attractiveness with yellow or chipped teeth. (This is an real dental bonding case of mine.)



Frequently dental bonding on one tooth, or part of just one tooth, makes the smile. 

 Sometimes a smile needs an edge or corner of a tooth to be updated from an older and discolored bonding to one of today's materials that looks stunning and vital.  That is what we did her for this next case.  She had some discolored dentistry on a front tooth and a wedding coming up.  This case was just the corner of her front tooth and it took a blend of six different shades to get it perfect.   This took around an hour of time to accomplish.  She was thrilled with this result of this cosmetic dental bonding. I am sure you would be thrilled with this type of result as well.  This is also an affordable alternative to a porcelain dental veneer.

Towson Dentist dental bonding and dental veneers  Towson Dentist Cosmetic Dental bonding

Let's face it, a beautiful smile is pleasant to see.   The act of smiling does wonders for human interaction and for your own health and wellbeing.   In fact, here's a list of health reasons to smile: 

Smiling makes us attractive, changes our mood, is CONTAGIOUS!, smiling relieves stress, boosts our immune system, lowers blood pressure, it releases endorphin, and it helps you stay positive and appear younger and more successful!    Those are reasons to smile!   So do it!


Dental Bonding or composite veneers allow a result that is perfectly natural in appearance.  The below case is possible with today's extrordinary dental resins.  This patient (below) did not want to see any teeth that didn't match her front teeth so I made them look perfectly natural.  She was thrilled! 


And two hours later...(with absolutely no drilling of tooth structure)...

Right below is a case of dental bonding for a wonderful lady who is a 78 year old social butterfly.   She wanted her teeth to look better but still like natural teeth.  I rotated out her front teeth with a few lighter shades and also created the appearance of natural enamel vertical cracks, as this is the normal appearance of teeth of someone that age.   Dental bonding or composite dental veneers allow a beautiful, long lasting, healthy uplifting appearance.  I didn't drill these teeth at all nor even numb her up.   This is so easy for patients and super enjoyable.  


"Oh My God!!!  I look amazing, Dr. Steve you made me look amazing!!!"                                             Carol B., Towson, MD.  


Dental bonding allows a more affordable smile makeover than porcelain veneers:

The below two cases were treated with cosmetic dental bonding.   Most dentists can do this type of work.  However, having a significant background in fine art has helped me cultivate my artistic abilities since childhood.   I believe the below cases are clinically of high regard, and extremely conservative in that the bonding is done with miniscule removal of healthy tooth structure, if at all.  The exceptional characteristics of the composite resins allow them to wear in, not fracture like porcelain veneers, and are also repairable shall the need be, also unlike porcelain veneers.  

Before:                                                           After:


The above are dental veneers made from composite resin materials.  These are done in office and take around 45 minutes per tooth.   The cost is $800.00 per tooth and is a great value and treatment to restore a smile.   This type of dentistry takes great artistry from the dentist and is life changing for the patient.   No tooth structure was removed in this case.  No anesthesia is needed for many of these types of cases.              


Before:                                                                     After:

    Cosmetic bonding affordable Veneer alternative, cosmetic dentist in Towson, smile improvement with bonding            dental implant Towson dentist 

                                       Up Close detail of her new smile (not a perfect smile as we didn't drill her teeth to make them smaller in some instances, but a greatly improved smile!):


        "I can't believe these are my new teeth.  I was born without side front teeth and now i have them and my teeth are straight and white and wonderful!  I am so very happy.  I wish this type of treatment were offered to me decades ago.  The only thing I thought was possible were crowns on my teeth and I didn't want my teeth to be drilled down.  I can not ever thank you enough."                       

                                              Ms. Beth, Towson, MD


Again, this case (above on Ms. Beth) is dental veneers made from composite resin materials.  This was life changing for this patient.  This is an enormouse improvement that didn't remove healthy tooth strcutre (she was never numbed up even!)  She began laughing freely and couldn't believe this was her teeth after all these years. 

Dental bonding is great for fixing chipped teeth:

Below is a small and detailed bonding of a front tooth to repair a fractured edge or a chip in a front tooth.  This as on a student at Towson University who needed a dentist ASAP for cosmetic dental bonding.  This composite resin restoration took three custom shades.  The natural appearance was recreated accurately.  This takes about a half hour to complete for a patient.

  Before:                                                                     After:  

 Cosmetic Dental Bonding Towson Dentist            Cosmetic Dental Bonding Baltimore County Dentist 


Dental cosmetic bonding can close spaces and gaps in between teeth: 

Cosmetic bonding can very easily fix the shape of front teeth to make them look more full, or reduce the black triangle of space that exists sometimes.  Bonding can fix the gap in your front teeth! This was on a Maryland patient who wanted to look a little younger for her birthday the following day.  Bonding can make you look many years younger and provide a perfect smile!.




 And below is another case but not of a space between teeth, but of what's called a BLACK TRIANGLE.   This is when there is a lack of tooth structure from the gums to where the teeth contact each other.

 Before:                                                                      After:

 cosmetic dental bonding Towson             Dental Veneers Towson Maryland 


Cosmetic dental bonding enables asymmetrical smiles to be made symmetrical:

Below is dental bonding of almost half of a front tooth.  This enambles the smile to be rejuvenated and made symmetrical, an important feature to improving appearance.  This restoration took 4 custom shaded composite microfill resins and took around an hour.  These are also called white fillings and tooth colored fillings by patients at our Towson dental practice.

Before:                                                                        After:                              

Cosmetic Dental Bonding Towson, Maryland          Cosmetic dentist, Baltimore county, Md.

  Below is how the directly above dental bonding looks 2 years later: 

dental bonding front tooth 

Dental Bonding is an affordable dental porcelain veneers alternative: 

Some people, through no fault of their own, just feel the need to improve the appearance of their front teeth.   There are times when the teeth shapes do not blend naturally with the smile form, or are asymmetrical.  Sometimes teeth have broken edges and wear.  Whatever the reason being, a skilled dentist can improve your smile.  There are times when dental bonding is needed to update old and stained dentistry as below:

  Cosmetic Dentist Towson          Cosmetic Dentist Towson

 Alternate Views from the side (after, the front two teeth match now!):

  Towson cosmetic dentist          Towson cosmetic dentist


And another case on a wonderful patient from Middle River, MD.   We used the Inman Aligner to improve the alignment of her front teeth for 8 weeks, and then did a veneer alternative by using 4 different shades of composite resin for dental bonding.



With bonding we can change the color of teeth to make them match his porcelain crowns.   Most people would agree that matching front teeth look great.   We can do that!  This was on a senior patient from Baltimore county.  He could not stop smiling after the procedure.  He also didn't have to be numbed up. 

Before:                                                                      After:

  Cosmetic Bonding Towson Dentist         Cosmetic Dental Bonding Towson Dentist    

Generally speaking, I always advise bleaching your teeth and realigning them orthodontically to achieve the desired result.   This is almost always the healthiest option.   However it does not change the shape of the teeth.  In order to do so, we will need to do bonding or dental veneers.   We do numerous cases daily at our dental office in Towson, Maryland.  


Dental Bonding enables true artistry to shine:

 Before:                                                                    After:

  Dental Cosmetic Bonding Dentist in Towson Maryland         

The benefits of this type of dentistry are numerous.  These teeth are frequently repaired without anesthesia.  Furthermore, very little tooth structure is removed in the process.  This is called dental bonding, tooth colored fillings, dental resin veneers,  and white fillings.  I take tremendous pride in having excellent results with these cases.   This is usually my first treatment option with a broken front tooth or chipped and broken teeth.  They are extremely demanding from an artistic perspective and I love the challenge to make your teeth look natural and beautiful! We treat many patients throughout Baltimore county and surrounding area with this type of dentistry. 


If the benefits of cosmetic dentistry appeal to you, please give us a call and we can share what we can do for you.   We always offer complementary consults and second opinions. 

Bonding and cosmetic dentistry can completely change your smile.   It can change your life!  

Fees and costs

At times, dental insurance may pay a portion of the bonding fees.   Our bonding fee per tooth is $800.00 or less, depending on the size. 

We are always accepting new patients at our Towson dental practice! Please contact our office to discuss if bonding or veneers are a great option for you.



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