White Fillings

Composite Restorations -

Composite restorations are GREAT! They are called tooth-colored fillings, composite fillings, white fillings, and bonding (if on a front tooth). All of those mean the same thing.

Composite restorations are placed to bring teeth back to natural form and function. They typically look wonderful and lifelike if placed by a skilled clinician. White fillings are often placed in teeth that have minor cracking and fracture lines, as they are bonded (glued) into the tooth. This helps strengthen the tooth. They are typically what I would place when you have a regular cavity. The decay is removed with a handpiece, and the white composite resin filling is placed.




Before:                                                                    After:


Here are two front teeth with decay and restored with white fillings:


 Back teeth (this is a very big cavity): 


The steps involved in placement are as follows:

The procedures starts with achieving isolation, with soft cotton, and then followed by the bonding (glue) steps. Usually, this involves using tiny brushes to apply the bonding agents to the tooth. Typically the agent is air-thinned or lightly dried, and then cured with the curing light. The curing light is emitted in the BLUE spectrum. This wavelength solidifes the chemical compounds. Next, the composte is compressed gently, and sculpted. It is cured again with the blue light. The final step is adjusting the occlusion (the bite), and making it smooth.

Please take a look at additional cosmetic cases of our bonding and veneers.  These are an affordable and beautiful solution to making a beautiful smile.   Personally, this is my favorite type of dentistry to perform.  I absolutely love making front teeth look their very best.

If this high quality dentistry is attractive to you, please contact us for a complimentary consultation to discuss your dental expectations.

I have also started using a CJ Optik dental microscope.   It is incredible and lets removal less tooth structure and evaluate the details of each tooth accurately.   Having used a dental microscope now for almost a year, it is just insane and I would greatly prefer my own teeth getting worked on with a dentist using a microscope.

The blue color you may see in some of these pictures is the dental dam.   It is an important piece of equipment that keeps you safe, and provides the best conditions (low humidity, moisture control) to allow the finest done restorations anywhere in the world.  


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