Welcome to the teeth whitening headquarters of Towson!

This is one of the easiest ways to enjoy your smile. It really is. Whiter teeth make people giddy and proud to smile ear to ear. It's about 10X better than getting a great haircut!

Teeth with time and use, pick up superficial stains that can not be cleaned off with a professional cleaning. TOBACCO, WINE, SODA, COFFEE, TEA, DARK FRUITS, MEDICINES, and more lead to the color of teeth becoming yellow, grey, or even brownish. The peroxide agents in tooth whitening products, penetrate into the enamel and break down these stains allowing them to release from the tooth. The result is the enamel has been deeply cleansed and shows off it's bright white glory!

If your front teeth have root canals, crowns, caps, composite fillings or fractures, this will alter treatment.   If you are aware that your front teeth need any dental treatment, you will want to treat any cavities first, and then complete the whitening process.   If you will need any esthetic or cosmetic work on your front teeth, you will want to whitening before that work, so it matches your new brighter color! 

 Our dental practice in Towosn is pleased to offer several options:

Kor Deep Bleaching This is simply the best professional strength whitening product available. It really is the best and is the most awarded dental whitening system by dentists. This is the only one that GUARANTEEs to whiten teeth to a magnificiantly bright smile. This teeth whitening protocol has the LOWEST sensitivity, practically none.   This is the only one that can take teeth with greyness and tetracylcine staining and break those stains down, resulting in a bright white smile.  This system is completely custom.  It may take 3 - 12 weeks.  It completely depends on the shade of your teeth, and the type of stains they have accumulated.  

ZOOM Whitening : (Updated on May 4, 2016)  We no longer do Zoom Whitening.  There has been recent evidence that the light does not actually do anything clinically significant to make the whitening actually take place faster.  The stronger concentrations of bleaching agent actually do alone.  We also have had  a few patients note moderate to severe sensitivity from Zoom.  We do not feel it is in our patient's best interest to have Zoom Whitening.  Less costly alternatives work just as well.  Kor Deep Bleaching is probably the best system for whitening.   It is expensive in comparison and completely worth it.  

Take Home Whitening Trays : This involves the fabrication of soft trays, designed to fit your teeth intimately. We will use a putty that sets in 45 seconds, to make the model of your teeth. You can keep your teeth models as well! You will have at least 4 weeks supply of the best agents available.

Touch-Up Kits and Refills - We have several strengths, ranging from 15% 22%, 35% for daytime use, and nighttime use. If you already have trays, GREAT! You probably won't need new ones.

All of these options are safe, easy, and affordable. I promise.