Zoom Whitening

Zoom Teeth Whitening

COST   $349.00.  This includes take home ZOOM Whitening trays, and whitening agent! 

We have ZOOM teeth whitening now!   This is a wonderful in-office professional strength tooth whitening system.   It uses peroxide agents to lift stains and make them up to 13 shades lighter, in

 about an hour!   IT IS EASY!

                                          towson cosmetic dentist zoom whitening.jpg

Teeth pick up stains from tobacco, fruit, pasta, wine, coffee, juices, soda and many other foods and beverages.   They pick up stain from plaque as well.   The result is a yellow tint that teeth have and not their natural light shade.   We can help!

Where else can you have Zoom Whitening done in such a beautiful setting ? 

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If you have dental work in your front teeth including tooth colored fillings, crowns, caps, implants, bridges, or anything else, It may lighten your other teeth so the dental work stands out.    You may still be a candidate, but this is a discussion to have with your dentist.

 Check out Zoom Whitening here: http://www.zoomwhitening.com/en_us/

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