Dental Extractions

Dental Extractions


I am please to inform our patients that we perform most dental extractions.  This would include simple extractions and also surgical extractions.  We can do most wisdom teeth extractions as well.

There are some cases that are best treated by an oral surgeon or periodontist.  This would include difficult impacted third molars, and sometimes teeth will have root shapes that need a specialist as well. Also, needing sedation that goes beyond our capabilities would be a reason you may want to see a specialist as well.   Additionally there are medical conditions that need special monitoring that only a specialist can provide.

However the first step is to get seen for an examination with a general dentist and we can make a determination on the best treatment for you! Not all teeth that hurt need to be pulled.   

We are happy to offer times that are convenient around your work schedule, Saturday mornings and some evenings.  I hope this is helpful for you.

We will always make sure that you will be excessively numb for the procedure.  You will be comfortable.    Additionally we will provide necessary instructions to take care of the extraction site after the dental extraction is performed.   We will also provide you with suggestions to replace your missing tooth if applicable.

If you need an extraction or several of them, PLEASE give us a call and let us help you.  

Please set up an appointment TODAY if your are in pain and have a toothache.  


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