Family and Kids

Families and Kids Welcome with Open Arms!

We certainly provide complete oral health and dental care to families and kids.    We always get asked, "How old do you have to be to see a dentist?" and the answer is about eight months to a year old.  When they are this young it's just to get to meet them, and take a look if they'll allow.  Kids will let you know what is too far.

Starting around their second birthday, all of their pediatric teeth are in through the gums, and a dentist should start taking a look and providing a gentle cleaning if possible.  

The Elderly too!

Our most senior patient is 102 and turns 103 a week before her next cleaning appointment this spring! It is very important to provide dental services, especially preventative, to our elderly patients. They are typically on more medications, and also less able to provide their own home care. Their mouths are drier and they usually suck on candy and lozenges more frequently. The result is that tooth loss, and severe cavities happen in the elderly. We recommend fluoride appliances and more frequent applications to help their teeth stay strong.

Patients from Oakcrest Assisted Living facility and other retirement homes and living facilities will be happy to know that the shuttle buses come directly to our Towson location, just past the fine arts building at Towson University. 

You will enjoy our beautiful dental office that overlooks Towson University's football field.  

We are excellent at providing great care to patients of all ages!