Microscope dentist in Maryland

The Dental Microscope - Seeing is Believing

On May 26, 2016, a man named Mike Lippy flew up from Florida to install my CJ OPTIKs dental microscope.   I believe this to be the very best microscope for dentistry in the world.  CJ Optik created this custom microscope in Germany.   This is the sixth CJ Optik scope in the USA and the first one installed on the east coast. 

There is only one other dentist in the Towson area that uses a microscope.  Less than 1% of general dentists use them.   

There are not many dentists that see the reason for using a dental microscope, after all, many dentists wear loupes that usually have 2x-3.5x magnification power.   Fortuitously, loupes, worn like glasses, have caused me headaches over  my career.   The microscope allows me to operate on teeth at a staggering 22X power.  

I am much better at 22X than at 2X.  

My dental work is proudly show to many throughout the world. 

The main advantages to the patient are: 

1. Knowledge that the dentistry is performed to the highest ability possible. 

2. Knowing less tooth structure needed to be removed because measurements are more exacting and smaller.

3. Better dentistry, better at saving tooth structure, better at everything honestly, well, maybe not dentures. 


Proudly providing microscope dentistry to Towson, Lutherville, Baltimore, Pikesville, Charles Village, White Marsh and all of the surrounding Maryland area.