Sedation dentistry

Sedation Dentistry -  Dentistry for the Anxious Patient.

I was once an anxious dental patient.   My journey to become a dentist started when I was 9 years old and had a bike accident that knocked my front teeth out.   I remeber the fear going to the dentist for something other than a routine cleaning.   I had the teeth placed back in their sockets and two root canals.   For a fourth-grader this was hard.

Many patients have had negative experiences with a dentist.   My grandfather was a dentist and charged $3.00 for a filling, and $4.00 for a filling with anesthesia.   He practiced on the heels of the great depression and most patients wanted to toughen it out and save a dollar.   That mindset was part of those dentists, to encourage patients to tough it out.

My dental experiences and education is very different.   When I treat patients with anxiety about the dental appointment, which is 90% of my patients, I make sure of two things.   The first is that you are plenty numb, and have as painless of anesthsia as possible.  The second is to give complete control of the appointment to the patient.   The patient has my undivided attention, and is in complete control.    The very instant you are uncomfortable I PROMISE to to listen to your concerns.  I will help you.  I GUARANTEE to help you be as comfortable as possible.  I will not hurt you.  Dentistry is a such wonderful profession that allows me to help people. 

For many patients, anxiolitic drugs can have a wonderful effect.   I usually prescribe Valium, or Halcion to patients for dental appointment anxiety.   The dosage and regimen varies for each patient, but I usually give enough to take a dose the night before to help you sleep, in addition to taking a dose an hour before, and sometimes a third dose when you get to the office.   It is VERY important to have another person drive you to the office and bring you home.   It is VERY important to go over medicines, and do a medical history consult prior to the appointment.

If sedation dentistry interests you.   Please contact my office for a complimentary consultation.   I look forward to helping you.   I promise that you will be in control.  I guarantee your comfort.  I hope to become your dentist.