Our Amenities - Be Our Guest.

A Relaxing, Beautiful, and Clean Office.    

We have recently updated the colors and design of the office.   We have a garden theme that incorporates some of the relaxing objects of the soothing outdoors, mainly, running water, majestic floral arrangements, and a trellis with a grapevine.   We have this solely to help soothe our patients.   We have heard it that it works!  

Our View

We are fortunate enough to have enormous windows.   We overlook Unitas Stadium, Towson University football field.  It lets natural light into the practice all day long.  

Ample Free Parking and Easy Access

We are conveniently on Osler drive, across from Saint Joseph's hospital, within the Towson University campus borders.   We have elevator access, wheelchair accessibility and an ungated free parking lot with many extra spaces.  I have seen other doctors in the Towson area, and do not take free and easy parking for granted.

Complimentary Beverages

We usually have orange juice, cranberry juice, green tea, water, and coffee ready to be offered to you.   Please, if at any time you need something to drink please ask.

Convenient Hours

Saturday hours are available!  We also have evening hours on Monday and stay around 5pm on Tuesday and Wednesday.  We also have Friday hours.  

A Reachable Dentist-

Once you are part of the Towson View community, you will have my cell phone number and you can call me day or night. Emergencies happen and I will be there for you.