Same Day Appointments - When you need to be seen today!

As a dentist, I understand the anxiety of needing a dentist for an urgent situation.  There are many reasons to need a dentist's services in a prompt manner.   They would include being kept up all night with a toothache, or a broken tooth that is hurting your gums and tongue, or even chipping a front tooth, even if it's small.  We certainly see crowns coming off, and they should be recemented back on by a dentist right after it happens.  If it's important to you, it's important to us.   Call us.

Frequently teens and young adults have wisdom teeth 'flare ups'.  This is when all of the sudden the gum over the wisdom tooth starts swelling and is acutely painful.   We can help them!  

Children and athletes, particularly males, break their front teeth.   Yes it happens!  About 1 in 3, or 30% of males by the time they are a young adult, have chipped or broken a front tooth.  It happens and we know how to care for you!

We reserve time in our busy practice to see patients that need a dentist today.   Please call us and we will get you seen.   

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