Are Veneers Right for Me ?


I discuss this question at least once a week with patients.   Veneers are a wonderful option, but they are not needed for most cosmetic cases.  With the television show Extreme Makeover, more patients have been talking about improving their smile than ever before and frequently veneers are part of the treatment.  

The one time porcelain dental veneers are always needed are to replace existing veneers.  The other scenario is time.   Veneers can be done in two visits and completed in about three weeks.

Several dental issues exist where patients discuss dental veneer options with me:  Color, Contour, Spacing and alignment.

Color:  We have never been better at whitening teeth than we are today.   With Zoom Whitening, Kor Deep Bleaching and Opalescence, there are many options and modalities to fit whitening into your life.  White teeth are beautiful, vibrant, and will rejuvenate your smile and make you look younger.   Kor Deep Bleaching even can whiten teeth stained from tetracyclin.   With all whitening systems, follow up is needed.

Contour:  Some times teeth are just not shaped correctly.  If they are too big, dental veneers may not be the best option.  Sometimes just removing a small amount of unneeded enamel may make the look beautiful.  Other times additive dental bonding can round out edges of teeth and make them look stunning... and the dentistry will look like natural teetn!  The contour where veneers are indicated are small teeth

As many patients have discussed these options with us, I invite you to do so.